terça-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2013

DIY Optical Tremolo

In the course of this crappy winter for sailing I have to limit my past-time activities to electronics.

After many experiments arround the subject of optical, LDR based, tremolo for guitar I decided to go ahead with the concept of a rotating disc unit. I tend to always prefer electromechanical devices in opposition to purely electric/electronic gadgetry...

Still on the breadboard, I allready found myself face-to-face with the issue that I was more afraid of: DC noise from the motor making it to the audio signal...

So, plenty to reseach and test for the time being. I'll keep posting developments...

Meanwhile here's a picture of the prototype array and respective schematic.

Note the addition of my own do-it-all mighty clean booster. Tremolos don't have to decrease overall output by definition do they?

Next to include:

1- Eliminate DC motor noise issue
2- Depth adjustment: A pot in series with the led
3- Tru bypass switching

See you!

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